Khaleda Zia may be imprisoned for a long time

Dex Report: The BNP leaders are feared that BNP chairperson Begum Khaleda Zia may be imprisoned for a long time after she was arrested in an old case. Khaleda Zia was arrested last week after being convicted of a corruption case in a corruption case.

His lawyers are preparing an appeal case against this verdict. But the attested copy of the verdict has not yet been received so far as the appeal petition has not progressed so far. But in the meantime, more than three years ago, the arrest of the BNP leader in a sedition case of the old Comilla corporation has been shown. One of the lawyers of his party, Masud Ahmed Talukdar, said that the arrest warrant of the sabotage case has now been sent to jail and Khaleda Zia was arrested.

According to BBC Bangla news, in the beginning of 2015, during the 90-day blockade of BNP-led alliance, eight people were killed and many people were burnt to death by a petrol bomb in a passenger bus in Chouddagram of Comilla. In the case of sabotage, the detective police had given the charge sheet in November last November. In total, 77 people were made accused in the murder of Khaleda Zia. The court here issued a warrant for the arrest of Khaleda Zia after accepting the charge sheet.

The investigation officer of the case and DB police officer Firoz Hossain said that if the accused were arrested in accordance with the law, the arrest warrant was sent to the concerned prison. His lawyers have finished preparations for appeals against the verdict of BNP leader’s corruption case. They can not do that without the certified copy of Royer. They are expecting a certified copy on Tuesday.

Khaleda Zia has a total of 31 cases including 5 corruption cases and 11 sabotage cases. Among them, there are four separate cases of sabotage, including the Comilla and the arrest warrant issued. One of his lawyers and Senior BNP leader Moudud Ahmed said that the government is now arresting the leaders for their long term in prison.

Searches show sarcasm in the case. So that his imprisonment can be extended for a few days. This is the government doing their political strategy. However, the Home Minister Asaduzzaman Khan is not willing to accept these allegations. He said, according to the law, things are progressing. Khaleda Zia has been jailed in a special case and has been warrant issue against her in some other specific cases. We have no intention that we were the prime minister of BNP chairperson or more than once and we will take him to jail to politically hurt him. We have no intention of doing this. The decision from the court is that we are just following that decision.

Meanwhile, BNP continued to carry out political programs demanding their leader’s release. BNP activists held a human chain in front of the National Press Club in Dhaka on Monday. There have been reports of human chain in different places of the country.